I - If I Invest, Does The SEC Requires Ijascode To Have a Record of My SSN Information?

A) Record-Keeping Requirements

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the federal agency that enforces securities laws and requires brokers to record your SSN. The government can then access the account records that Ijascode and other brokers maintain to help them fight money laundering and other illegal financial activities. By requiring each account holder to be tied to a valid SSN, this makes it harder for individuals with illicitly-earned cash to move it around the financial system without leaving a trail.

B) All Brokers Are Required to Record Your SSN

All U.S. brokers will ask for your SSN before approving your account. This is primarily because it’s a legal requirement of the federal government, but is also recommended as a best practice by leading self-regulatory organizations such as FINRA.

II - Where To Find The Ijascode SEC Filings?

Ijascode is SEC Regulation A+ Qualified and BBB A+ Accredited. You can visit www.SEC.gov, search for our company legal name "Ijascode HandsOff Marketing System", and from there you will see and browse all the records and pages of documents we submitted.